The “No Phone Zone”

sextexting 2Living in this audacious, adventurous 21st century with all its technological advances has its advantages. You can keep the lines of communication open or stay in constant contact with anyone at anytime, just about anywhere in the world. You can call, talk, track or text message when you have the right GPS system, computer, cell phone, Ipod, tv, blue tooth ear piece, Nintendo DSI, mobile devices or some other…

On the other hand it is hard for some to just “be” in the moment, because they are always texting and calling someone else while in your presence. Their attention is divided between you and somewhere or someone else? The quality of time spent is usually minimized. They have a hard time just being in the moment or giving their undivided attention to what’s going on “right now”. Having the capability to be accessible is great. But I believe it is really getting out of hand

Oprah Winfrey recently dedicated a whole television show to the perils of America’s newest “OBSESSION” = texting while driving! Did you know that when you text or use a cell phone while driving you significantly increase the chances of having an accident? It is the equivalent of having 4 drinks while driving! You are driving with a decreased attention span. It is called “Distracted Driving! ” You are not only putting your life in jeopardy but the lives of many others as well! The show is inclusive of many who have experienced the consequences of someone using a cell phone while driving. The statistics of the many casualties are mesmerizing and alarming!

Here are 5 things you can do to help you stop using your phone while you are driving, which can save your life as well as the lives of others.

1. Practice how to “be” in the moment, giving your undivided attention to what’s going on “right now”.

2. Have some “rules of etiquette” honored, and accountability exercised when alone,in public, or in the presence of others concerning using your phone to make calls or send text messages. These rules should be practiced while driving as well.

3. Do you have teens? Sextexting is also becoming a growing trend among teens. Keep the lines of communication open with them in other ways. It is crucial and beneficial to make sure that you take the time to spend quality time with them without a television, computer, cell phone, I pod, CD player, blue tooth ear piece or some other distraction… Just maybe you or they won’t feel the need to call or text while driving, and not sextext at all.

4. Designate your car as a ‘”NO PHONE ZONE!” as requested by Oprah Winfrey. Watch the show and Take The Pledge This Can Save Your Life

5. Honor your pledge and make your car a “No Phone Zone” while driving.

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