Book Release – “The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion: The Big Catch!”

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This is the second book in The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion series.

Eliza, Faith, and Daniel, the time traveling smart teens are off on another adventure to the Enchanting Legends. In Book 1 they visited “The Young King”. This time they visit a runaway prophet who decided to disobey God’s direction and plans for his life. He soon realizes there is no place you can go to hide or get away from God.

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and them that dwell therein. God will use whomever and whatever he wants to accomplish His plan.

Here in “The Big Catch!” Cousin Eva also goes on an adventure of her own. But Eva was not aware of the imps who were waiting to capture her. All she knew was that she was not to ever go into or even near the forest.

The smart teens continue to witness the truths and principles from the Book of I AM as they unfold before their very eyes.

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Book Release – FREE e-book– The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion: The Big Catch!

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The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion:The Big Catch!

I have just released “The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion: The Big Catch!”. This is the second book in The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion series”, available in paperback and e-book.

Eliza, Faith, and Daniel, the time traveling smart teens are off on another adventure to the Enchanting Legends. In Book 1 they visited “The Young King”. This time they visit a runaway prophet who decided to disobey God’s direction and plans for his life. He soon realizes there is no place you can go to hide or get away from God.

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and them that dwell therein. God will use whomever and whatever he wants to accomplish His plan.

Here in The Big Catch! Cousin Eva also goes on an adventure of her own. But Eva was not aware of the imps who were waiting to capture her. All she knew was that she was not to ever go into or even near the forest.

The smart teens continue to witness the truths and principles from the Book of I AM as they unfold before their very eyes.

You can download the e-book for FREE today, December 5th. .

Click Here to get your FREE copy of “The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion:The Big Catch!”


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Interview with Oprah

I waited enthusiastically when I discovered that Whitney Houston was going to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. I made sure my husband and I left the office early enough so I could hear the interview. Although I missed the first few minutes, this in itself let me know that it was going to be an interesting and intriguing treat. It was absolutely PHENOMONAL!!!

Whitney Houston is a dynamic soulful expressive, lyrical songstress. This singer’s singer has sold over 170 million combined videos, CD’s and albums. She has (7) seven times over had the No.1 Billboard Hot consecutive release. “The Guinness Book Of World Records lists Whitney as music’s “most awarded female artist of all time.” Whitney has gracefully shared her blessings. She has The Whitney Houston Foundation For Children Inc., her foundation cares for homeless children, children with HIV and self-esteem problems and empowerment issues. In addition to this she has labored sponsoring many charity benefits around the world.

No doubt Oprah genuinely loves Whitney. She later exudes her enthusiasm and sheds tears of sheer joy as Whitney renders one cut from her new project! Oprah set the tone by spotlighting Whitney Houston in a wonderful solo intimate environment on stage, up close and intimately personal. It was in this arena Whitney Houston opened and bared her heart with her friend Oprah. The two talked intimately about her life and what has been going on.  She shared some of her downfalls as well as her desire to rise once again beyond them. The interview was like listening in on one of their private conversations. Here they together allowed us the viewing public to listen in as well as Whitney Houston firsthand shared her bewildered and tormented journey over the last couple of years.

So often because of the level of fame, fortune and stardom it is often forgotten that regardless stars and superstars are still people. The difference is they often live in glasshouses.  It is not as desirable as some might think. Where the press lurks all too often prodigiously waiting, readily armed with a camera for the opportunity to capture them in a dimmer light. To magnify their flaws and undermine their right to hurt, feel pain and force them to publicly showcase their struggles as they flounder to overcome an apparent issue, or personal crisis. All the often the pressure takes them under. There is indeed a cost for fame.  It is not all glamor  and glitter.

After the unfortunate death of Michael Jackson it is wonderful that Whitney Houston was able to manage to  rise above her addiction. She vehemently testifies that with her faith in God and through the supportive arduous love of her Mother she is attempting to press forward.  Whitney was strong willed so as a result she was not always open to  allow help from a strong Christian mother and some family and friends.  In the interim she was momentarily able to  remain on this side of heaven proclaiming her victory is in the Lord!

A view into Whitney’s life

Whitney Houston was born on the 9th of August in 1963 in Newark New Jersey. She is from a musically multi talented family and down through the years she has performed with some of the greatest. She has sung on just about every continent. Whitney Houston no doubt is a child of God and the foundation of her Faith and belief in God has spurned the buoyancy that led her through her prodigal detour from which she has  emerged victoriously!

She voraciously shares her spiral into cocaine abuse. She candidly shares some of her and Bobby Brown’s passionate, fun, enabling dysfunctional, rocky tumultuous and often turbulent episodes during their marriage. She takes responsibility for her poor choices.  No doubt  some have been inappropriate.

Whitney Houston then further begins verbalizing her deep abiding faith and trust in the Lord and her Mother’s perseverance to help turn her back to her roots. After counseling, reading, prayer, much love and support from some of her family and friends she is  applying the Scriptures which have  abetted breaking some of her dangerous strongholds.

Whitney Houston’s Mother the infamous Cissy Houston and Aunt Dionne Warrick are stars in their own rights; along with a host of many others expressed their love and thankfulness for Whitney’s outstanding vocal ability. She has a beautiful vocally talented teenage daughter Bobby Christina that was born during her marriage to Bobby Brown who has supported her all the way. Whitney has accomplished much in her lifetime. Her single “I Will Always Love You” was the biggest commercial single release in history.

It was during her marriage to Bobby Brown that Whitney Houston began a momentarily descent into cocaine and marijuana use. It is with intensive honesty that she shares the details of this passionate and life changing marriage, fight, fuss, make up, breakup that finally ended in divorce. “Yes I did cocaine.” admits Ms. Houston. She and Bobby had a very passionate, physically sexual marriage and yes, she says she always remained faithful! Despite his many infidelities she says she believes in “HOLY MATRIMONY!” Not trying to excuse or encourage the path of pandemonium that took place she shares the intense passion they shared along with the destructive extremely addictive use of cocaine and marijuana.  In her own words; “She loved that man …” I won’t tell it all here.

This interview is a definite must see!

What I will say that my heart clapped as she glowed with honesty sharing her trip to rehab with her beloved daughter at her side. She unequivocally and explicitly expressed her love for the Lord, her daughter and her Mother.  Just maybe others will see, listen and learn what not to do. As a result Whitney has a cultivated a very close bond with her only  daughter.

Whitney shares how she really longed to just live away from the spotlight. Yes, she not so gracefully stepped away momentarily and irresponsibly binged on cocaine. Even tried to step back to be Mrs. Bobby Brown. She admitted this too was another faulty mistake to attempt to live in his shadow. But her escape from being in the limelight as she waited still for Bobby to re-emerge to the forefront was futile…

Whitney’s roots in the Lord go deep. Because of it she has persevered and believes her faith in God has been fortified.  She is glowingly unashamedly as she testifies to the wonderfulness in her transitioning from her detour back to where she belongs. Her God-given gift refined just that much more.

As Oprah and Whitney peered into each others’ eyes you could feel the genuine cohesiveness they emitted in their desire to share transparently their frank, truthful conversation. Remembering the monumental  successes; Whitney Houston‘s Body Guard record was the biggest selling soundtrack ever, then Waiting to Exhale and Preachers’ Wife? Whitney has matured and believes she is better than ever. There is no doubt that Whitney has a God given gift of singing. The title song is a spirit-filled fabulous testimonial rendition. The resilient vibrancy in her soul rings clear with such unmistakable clarity. Her new Project “I LOOK To YOU” is dedicated to God who is the source of her strength. It is already No.1 on the charts. Blessings Whitney, you must forever keep looking up!


Unfortunately on February 11th Whitney Houston tragically  transitioned this life. She was found dead at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. How dreadful, for this was  on the eve before she was to perform at the Grammy Award’s Ceremony! Initially the cause of her death was unknown… Later to be revealed her depressive state of mind, plus the combination  of drugs and alcohol caused her to drown in a bathtub…  There is no doubt that Ms. Houston was an extremely talented and gifted woman. No doubt she continuously wrestled relentlessly with pain and it was at times she was noticeably in despair. We must always be prayerful the spiritual warfare can be quite vehement… The enemy lurks and waits for the opportunity to find a weak link or a point of vulnerability to bring the children of God down…

May her passing motivate others to be mindful to stay close to the LORD! For we know not when we will draw our last breath. Lord have mercy on her soul… She passed away at the tender age of only 48 years old! Prayers and Condolences for her Mother, Daughter and Family. She will be missed by many! May she Rest In Peace!




Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

I   attentively   and assiduously watched the Memorial services for Michael Jackson, along with my husband.  It has been reported that over more  than  (1) one billion people   collectively watched from all around the world from more  than  (160)  one hundred & sixty  or more countries.   It was both inspiring and   enlightening.  I experienced a torrent of emotions. It brought tears to my eyes many times.  I could relate to a degree, because over the last several years we together have seen so many close relatives pass on to the other side.  Of those many both of our mothers passed on just seven months apart, from one another. This made the Memorial even more so thought provoking.  I have much PEACE knowing without a doubt that both our Mother’s are now again with the Lord!   


I conscientiously   listened and engaged with each of those who really knew Michael Jackson as they shared their poignant expressions of him. They shared    how Michael was a loving, kind, gentle, giving man, talented and such a funny person. This was deeply embedded in their many heartfelt as well as amusing expressions.  Magic  Johnson  even shared  a humorous moment  of  when he found out how Michael  liked Kentucky fried chicken.  I was glad that they showed the personable private side of his life.  He was  presented an honored by a government representative officially praising him for his many “Deeds” and exonerating  him of his innocence…  This is the reason why we have Memorials?  We   the viewers & fans really only know about   Michael from afar.  A lot of the news, accusations and innuendos we hear are nested in a slew of propaganda.


 Bubbles on GlassI  have  gradually  acquired  much  more compassion for Michael because he was a mere child that had to  grow up in  the limelight,  center stage,  in front of the world. Children have a great need to develop an inner healthy homeostasis.   This is what helps them have a balanced sense of self.  They can usually read our emotions. Children have a basic need to be loved, accepted and understood.  Michael unselfishly relinquished the majority if not all of his own childhood for the sake and financial gain of many.  By doing so he took care of and provided for his family, friends, business associates, doctors, lawyers, household staff and many, many others as well as supporting numerous charities.  This is an enormous responsibility for such a young boy to shoulder.   


I realize that Michael was a victim of much emotional, verbal and physical abuse. This explains his shyness and insecurity… Michael    has been said to have lived an isolated life. I believe he needed to be protected from some of those who should have protected him.  Those who were on his payroll……. Due to his multiplicity of talents people naturally drew to him.  I am sure that there were those who were genuinely concerned for his wellbeing.  No doubt His mother for one…  But I also believe that  he was greatly taken advantage of by those who saw him as a resource  or reservoir  for their own wealth rather than a person.  


I truly believe that Michael was intuitive and   realized this; this is one of the reasons why he surrounded himself with

Rest in PEACE

Rest in PEACE

 children. He made it possible for a lot of those children to realize their dreams.  It is through his brilliant, ingenuous technique, smooth showmanship, graceful agility,   and ponderous of the wonderful myriad of breathtaking performances, his childlike freedom would shine through.  It is during this time I believe he could momentarily rise above his haunting inner pain. There is no doubt that He gave us his all; whenever he performed it was magnificently magical.  


Michael generously shared his multiplicity of gifts and talents with the world at large!  This opened a whole new dimension for the entertainment world; that crossed all racial, economic, social, color and age barriers.  Giving credit where it is due; this current generation and those to come as well have and will continue to greatly benefit from those doors Michael opened.  He created and carved out a space of his own on this side of heaven.   Michael took entertaining to an innovatively new level!  He gave of his life sustaining essence.   I personally think he is truly worthy of the title “All Time Best Entertainer!” 


I do not condone wrong behavior in anyone, myself included.  The TRUTH is told Michael was acquitted by a jury of any and all charges that were ever filed against him.  He was declared “INNOCENT”!  Yet,   those accusations will always hover like a latent virus.   Is this why he is treated as guilty?  He   still had to live under public scrutiny,   an ambivalent shadow of enormous criticism, mockery and continual harassment…  No doubt   there were those who took advantage of him. There were also those who surrounded him lurking, who wanted to seize any opportunity to elevate themselves at his expense.   All of this came along with the fame,   notoriety   and celebrity status he attained. 



Prior to the actual Memorial’s  commencement  Smokey Robinson shared telegrams from Nelson Mandela & Diana Ross.  This was followed by a noted quiet silence throughout the arena. Even the News media was silent! 

This was a rare moment, A TRIBUTE in itself!

During Michael’s Memorial those who knew him gave us a very insightful, lingering perspective.  It was a once in a lifetime  Star studded Memorial an A-List of professional participants,  yet, they too momentarily were  succumbed by their emotions;  Mariah Carey,  Jennifer Hudson,  Usher,  John Mayer and Stevie Wonder.   All  were emotionally arrested, causing a  softening  of  their tributes and renditions in song,   yet  powerfully emitting the sensitivity of  how they truly were in awe  and how much respect they  felt.  Michael indeed is a Legend in his own right.


  Queen   Latifah  spoke candidly and boldly as she fondly reminisced and read a powerful poetic tribute from Maya Angelou.  Michael’s abrupt passing has greatly impacted as well as caught many off guard!  


Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy shared   their respect, love and appreciation of   Michael as well as humorous moments.   Jermaine his older brother’s rendition of Michael’s favorite song “Smile”   was ironically expressed in a harlequinly manner that so touched the hearts of many.  No doubt he was overwhelmed by the passing of his brother yet rose to the occasion.  It was said to be he was Michael’s support and somewhat backbone…

 ABSTRACT  beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

 It was Brooke Shields, Al   Sharpton and his brokenhearted, loving daughter Paris that gave us a true inside glimpse of who he REALLY was…  A most memorable  touching moment as the family surrounded  daughter Paris as she gave honor to her father Michael as the “Best father Ever!” and was willingly, readily and humbly  comforted by Janet Jackson her aunt.  Who is a STAR in her own right!  During the finale as a TRIBUTE,   all Michael’s siblings gathered on stage in unison with many others…   No family exists without disagreements from time to time.  I solicit the prayers of the Christian Community for Michaels’s  family that is so much in the public view!  Many pressures abound during their days of mourning.  I learned that Michael Jackson loved his children  and family,   esteems and holds his Mother Katherine dearly and they love him and he lives on in their hearts…  Yes of course his fans love him too, but from a distance, to them he is really an “Icon.” 


One must know that there was little or no room for alone time, privacy or a sense of normalcy for Michael Jackson as a celebrity for security purposes.  He could not go out to the grocery store,  drive freely about,  come and go as he pleased,  take a walk publicly or perhaps even attend to his personal needs without someone abreast …  So how could he without  the assistance  of someone, do some or any of the things that he was accused of ?   Therefore if you must,  one should  also condemn  his security agents, those who were around him constantly  and  those who brought, gave and  anesthetized and or  administered the alleged  plethora of “prescription medications” as well.    Who are they?  Were they not aware of the consequences and side effects … Michael was not a doctor.  He was a son, a brother, a friend, a father and a world class entertainer.  In fact, my opinion “The Best Entertainer Ever!”


I learned from Michael Jackson’s death that no matter how much you do, for some people it will never be enough.  No matter whom you are,   nor how much you give.  Some people would  remember  the negative things.  Michael not only gave of himself, his time and resources;  I learned that Michael Jackson is in  the  Guinness  Book of  World Records for giving more than any other Pop Star.   Those who really know you will remain faithful.  Love  continues through eternity

 Palm Tree

I BELIEVE,  the most important relationship that any of  us can have is to know and be connected to our  Creator,  Maker and Lord through a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. It is so important  to know Him personally as well as  His WORD!    Jesus was  that  WORD wrapped in flesh!   The beauty about  His plan of SALVATION;  that it is not contingent on who we are!  But because of what He has done!  Once we accept  JESUS CHRIST as our SAVIOR  and  LORD, we are given the gift of ETERNAL LIFE!   Romans 11 says  “That if  YOU  CONFESS  with your mouth,  JESUS is  LORD,  and BELIEVE in your HEART that GOD   raised HIM from the dead, thou shat be SAVED…”  This is where our true security and significance lies.  


God  knows  all about each one of us from the moment of conception  and has a unique purpose for each one of us to fulfill and when that time is over we who are His children return to Him.   You just never know how short or long that time may be?  So live life to its fullest in His presence!  The most important  audience  is an audience of  ONE; meaning in front of Him!  ”GOD is LOVE”,  It is through Him we learn what is really  most important!  I know even more so NOW that how so very   important it is to live your life to please GOD rather than man!  Because no matter what you have or don’t have when it is all said and done that is what really matters most.  Michael no longer has to … But I am sure there is much more to come.  My thoughts, concerns, well wishes and prayers are with Michael’s children, his Mother and family.  May YOU Rest in Peace Michael Jackson!


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The King of POP

The King of POP




Michael Jackson  “The King of Pop” has  completed  his journey on this side of Heaven.  He has astonished us all  by abruptly  and so very  surprisingly unexpectedly  passing  on…    But  not without much fanfare and noteworthy celebrating.   Scores, gathering at the famous  Apollo Theater  and even in Times Square as well as a myriad of venues all around the globe. The news has been saturated with millions of his fans in  a mesmerized chorus, ambivalent and  simultaneously  grieving and celebrating  his life!   I was taken by surprised when I first heard the news he was taken to the hospital and was not breathing.  Waiting along with my husband  and with the rest of the world  for an update;  there was this haunting  foreboding ,  sensitive feeling that the consequence would be dismal and  dire.  As I waited I became more and more apprehensive awaiting the outcome. 

As I waited I began to think about his children, his life and his family his fans.  Who was with him?  What  really happened?  Why aren’t they saying…  Finally the Results: A cardiac arrest in his home.  His Doctor was with him and now the rumors again abound…

I  could  only supposedly presume what his family might be feeling now?   Although over the last few years too many of my own close relatives have passed on, some  abruptly unexpectedly as well.  But at least I / we were able to privately mourn.  Their distraught  moments  of  grief, alarm and concern  communally exposed.   Unexplainable shock and unanticipated  despair  all right in public view!  Few if  any moments of privacy!  “Lights,  camera, action!”  There is often an ominous price one pays for fame.  Your life becomes open to much criticism, scrutiny and much misinterpretation of one’s actions.  In a sense you become a recognizable target for all living in a “glass house” of sorts.  Michael Jackson has touched the lives of many.  He has contributed immensely to the wealth, careers and livelihood of many.  There  will  be an  ongoing  reveal   as to just how many that is?   Quincy Jones says” he has lost his little brother.”  Remember  Michael  Jackson’s lyrics and  all the stars and participants in the  “We are the World” project?

I  have grown  up  parallellely distant   with Michael as millions of others have.  He no doubt has touched the lives of many.  He lit up the television screen! I remember how he  was  this cute little smiling  dancing machine with the biggest little Afro!  He could not only sing, but danced regally and  glided majestically across the stage as no one his age had before.  The incredible thing was that the “Jackson Five”  were a family.  Michael was the seventh (7)  child in his family.   Not just any family but a Black family of Color from Gary Indiana of all places?

The lyrics in many of  his  “Jackson Five” songs were simple and wholesome.  You could relate to the words as well as the beat.  ABC, I Want You Back,  The Love  You Save and I’ll Be There … Your parents could also too tolerate  the unobtrusive  rhythmic  pulsating cadence that caused one  to “bob” their head and hum  right along.  Michael’s solo career speedily  climbed  with a loudening  universal crescendo!   Michael  no  doubt  has deservedly  earned and owned  an iconic symbol  status! 


He  has inspired the creativity of thousands!  He has been  a  singing mogul, choreographer,  step arranger,  writer, producer an all out genius!  Many of the moves and dance routines you see NOW  by many of the top  performers,   male and female, young and   old as well as this  current generation  have originated from Michael!    There are few  ever, in a lifetime  who  have accomplished the type of unique, magical, effervescent presence that Michael  exuded.   Michael Jackson was not only a  gifted, talented artist,  producer and dancer but he also patented  a  pair of shoes that helped dancers to be able to lean much farther.   Let’s not forget his famous “Moonwalk”!   No doubt he was if not the best one of the few “All Time Best Entertainer?” 

Michael Jackson’s passing  should cause great concern to all?  How could this happen?  How could he be given massive doses of?   How could those about him not be held responsible too?  The Word of God is so true when it  says “life is but a vapor.”    One moment you are here and then you are gone…  I am sure  that  a  maze of  legal complexities are on the horizon?  But I believe that we should keep in mind that Michael  Jackson was a son, a brother, a man,  a father and a believer.  He was a person who had a quiet,  humble gracefulness that emanated a magnetic  universal quality that drew  the masses!    His world wide recognition forbade him to live any sense of  a normal life therefore  idiosyncrasies abounded.  But let’s not reduce his life to that.  I believe we should applaud him for all the good he has done and will continue to do although he has passed on to the other side.  His brilliant light shone as he entertained us robustly, robotically, vigorously and effortlessly   shared  himself with the world!


Here is that statement that was released by the Jackson Family:

The statement, posted to, reads:

“In one of the darkest moments of our lives we find it hard to find the words appropriate to this sudden tragedy we all had to encounter. Our beloved son, brother and father of three children has gone so unexpectedly, in such a tragic way and much too soon. It leaves us, his family, speechless and devastated to a point, where communication with the outside world seems almost impossible at times.

“We miss Michael endlessly, our pain cannot be described in words. But Michael would not want us to give up now. So we want to thank all of his faithful supporters and loyal fans worldwide, you — who Michael loved so much. Please do not despair, because Michael will continue to live on in each and every one of you. Continue to spread his message, because that is what he would want you to do. Carry on, so his legacy will live forever.”


Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, added his own message to the statement that read:

“My grandchildren are deeply moved by all the love and support you have shown for them and their father, Michael Jackson.”
Michael Jackson recorded ten studio albums, he many times over has reached platinum status and His “Thriller” album is the number one all  time greatest popular favorite.  He contributed immensely to charitable causes and so much more… He currently  had sold out  status for his upcoming  50 tours abroad  in London….

 Regardless of what others say or think there are few that have accomplished and did what Michael Jackson has done.  I believe that his legacy will eventually outride any bad press he receives.  In spite of any of  the allegations that have  ever been  made.  One must remember that Michael was acquitted legally.     He was found NOT GUILTY!  If there was any inkling of  validity one must also penalize the massive support regime of  employees that always surrounded   him.  It is clear that he was accompanied by an entourage.  So if in doubt, please allow him some dignity for all he accomplished in this side of HEAVEN!  His life should be remembered for the legacy it was and will continue to be as “THE KING OF POP”!  The timing of it all is so intriguing especially when the world has been impacted so, by  our country’s recession.  Momentarily Michael  Jackson’s passing has dominated the current world events and ushered in a “Time of  Remembrances!”  Therefore I say REST in PEACE  My sentiments and condolence is with  his children, Prince, Paris and Blanket and the Jackson Family!


DeBorrah K. Ogans is a Marriage Educator, licensed Christian Counselor, life coach and ordained minister. She is certified through the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling in Creation Therapy and holds a Master’s Degree in Biblical Clinical Counseling. She is the author of a pre-marital guide “How Do I Love Thee: Things You Need To Know Before You Say I Do,” and just released her second book “Holy Matrimony: Now That You’re Married”.

DeBorrah has written extensively and has a plethora of columns and commentaries on life subjects that are widely published. DeBorrah along with her husband is co-founder of Alpha 7 Ministries, a Counseling and Music Ministry that reaches “Beyond The Walls”. There are times when we all need some encouragement in our walk with the Lord. The Counseling Ministry was designed to encourage, motivate and uplift you in your journey. The Music Ministry produces and records music for every musical taste: Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Praise & Worship, Instrumental Gospel/Jazz, and Easy Listening.

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