Internet Dating, Is it really safe ? – Part 1

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Matchmaking is nothing new! Are you looking for a spouse? Nowadays there are many ways to meet someone. If you are single, widowed, divorced or looking to get involved in a relationship be careful. It does not matter how young or old you may be.


If you are married be careful as well. If so your first priority should be to cultivate a loving home environment with your spouse. Developing an ongoing up close and personal growing intimate, emotional and physical relationship is crucial. This will help to affair/divorce proof your marriage. This will also help safeguard you from falling prey to or being tempted into the internet maze saturated with those who are looking to hook up married or not; but it’s for all the wrong reasons.


The trend today for many is to find a mate or supplemental partner over the internet. One must be really careful because you do not know for sure if you are dealing with a true authentic person; or in fact if this person is dangerous… I realize it is considered the “Now” thing to do. Many consider it the current modern safe way to go? But, way too many have gotten into relationships that have proven to be harmful. This is not true in all cases but enough so that one should definitely proceed with caution.


Due to very hectic schedules many want to date or mingle but cannot seem to find the time to find the right person. That in itself is interesting because it is important to put in the time if you really want to meet someone who you are compatible with. Quality and compatibility is important. This is not an area you want to make a rash decision that can impact the rest of your life.  You also do not want to compromise your values or morals.


There is a plethora of sites to choose from. On line dating allows you to search by age, religion, politics, city, physique, physical characteristics such as, height, weight, or even ethnicity.  The question is? Is he or she really telling the truth!  Make sure you spend time getting to know each other’s cultural preferences. Whenever possible meeting someone through someone you already know helps. This still does not mean or guarantee that it will work out. But just in case there is a problem you can trace them to someone you know.


A few suggestions.

Be cautious.

Don’t reveal too much personal information on your first date/meeting.

Make sure you let someone close to you know where you are going.

Keep your cell phone handy.

Check in with your contact person.

Meet for breakfast or  lunch so it is still light when your meeting ends.

Never meet them in a secluded or remote place.

Make sure that you are in a safe easy accessible  public place.

Don’t take them home with you or go home with them.

Be cordial and honest. Be yourself.



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