Marriage: Let’s Get Physical

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The physical relationship in marriage is very important! This is a time for both emotional and physical bonding to take place. Sexual intercourse is a natural part of marriage. There are different levels of sharing physical intimacy. Hugs, pats, caresses, kisses, joy & laughter, all display affection and express care and concern.

Foreplay is a time prior to intercourse that should be a time of mutual gratifying physical expressions… Sexual intercourse takes the physical relationship to a much deeper level. It is during this time the two of you can bond like epoxy which is a strong thermosetting resin. It is a great example since it is a heat sensitive copolymer that is formed from two chemical components. Once they come together they are able to form a strong cohesive almost impenetrable bond that is difficult to pull apart. During intercourse the two become one! There is an extraordinary exchange that takes place when the body fluids come together. So profound that at times it is the inception of where new life begins!

The couple together can discover how to satisfy physical sexual arousal in one another. Each spouse should make it a goal to make this a mutually pleasurable and fulfilling encounter. Learning to become open and honest without hostility or resentment is key, and helps build transparency… Trust and intimacy are very important components of a strong healthy marriage!

Physical intimacy does not have to always lead to sexual intercourse…

Many couples do not take the time to help one another achieve a sexually satisfying physical union. This can often cause frustration and anxiety that builds emotional walls….

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