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I waited enthusiastically when I discovered that Whitney Houston was going to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. I made sure my husband and I left the office early enough so I could hear the interview. Although I missed the first few minutes, this in itself let me know that it was going to be an interesting and intriguing treat. It was absolutely PHENOMONAL!!!

Whitney Houston is a dynamic soulful expressive, lyrical songstress. This singer’s singer has sold over 170 Million combined videos, CD’s and albums. She has (7) seven times over had the No.1 Billboard Hot consecutive release. “The Guinness Book Of World Records lists Whitney as music’s “most awarded female artist of all time.” Whitney has gracefully shared her blessings. She has The Whitney Houston Foundation For Children Inc., her foundation cares for homeless children, children with HIV and self-esteem problems and empowerment issues. In addition to this she has labored sponsoring many charity benefits around the world.

No doubt Oprah genuinely loves Whitney. She later exudes her enthusiasm and sheds tears of sheer joy as Whitney renders one cut from her new project! Oprah set the tone by spotlighting Whitney Houston in a wonderful intimate environment on stage, up close and intimately personal. It was in this arena Whitney Houston opened and bared her heart with her friend Oprah . The two talked intimately about her life and what has been going on. They together allowed us the viewing public to listen in as well as Whitney Houston firsthand shared her bewildered journey over the last couple of years.

So often because of the level of fame, fortune and stardom it is often forgotten that regardless stars and superstars are still people. The difference is they often live in glasshouses. Where the press lurks all too often prodigiously waiting, readily armed with a camera for the opportunity to capture them in a dimmer light. To magnify their flaws and undermine their right to hurt, feel pain and force them to publicly showcase their struggles as they flounder to overcome an apparent issue, or personal crisis. After the unfortunate death of Michael Jackson it is wonderful that Whitney Houston was able to rise above her addiction. She vehemently testifies that with Faith, through the supportive arduous love of her Mother a strong viable Christian woman, family and friends she remains on this side of heaven proclaiming her victory is in the Lord!

Whitney Houston was born on the 9th of August in 1963 in Newark New Jersey. She is from a musically multi talented family and down through the years have performed with some of the greatest. She has sung on just about every continent. Whitney Houston no doubt is a child of God and the foundation of her Faith and belief in God has spurned the buoyancy that led her through her prodigal detour from which she has emerged victoriously! She voraciously shares her spiral into cocaine abuse. She candidly shares her and Bobby Brown’s passionate, fun, dysfunctional rocky tumultuous and often turbulent episodes during their marriage. No doubt it inappropriate. Whitney Houston then verbalizing her deep abiding Faith and Trust in the Lord and her Mother’s perseverance to help turn her back to her roots. After Counseling, Reading, Prayer, much Love and support from family and friends and applying the Scriptures abetted breaking the strongholds.

Whitney Houston’s Mother the infamous Cissy Houston and Aunt Dionne Warrick are stars in their own rights; along with a host of many others expressed their love and thankfulness for Whitney’s outstanding vocal ability! She has a beautiful vocally talented teenage daughter Bobby Christina that was born during her marriage to Bobby Brown who has supported her all the way!. Whitney has accomplished much in her lifetime. Her single “I Will Always Love You” was the biggest commercial single release in history.

It was during her marriage to Bobby Brown that Whitney Houston began a momentarily descent into Cocaine and marijuana use. It is with intensive honesty that she shares the details of this passionate and life changing marriage, fight, fuss, make up, breakup then finally ending in divorce! “Yes I did cocaine.” admits Ms. Houston. She and Bobby had a very passionate, physically sexual marriage and yes, she always remained faithful! Despite his many infidelities she believes in HOLY MATRIMONY! Not trying to excuse or encourage the path of pandemonium that took place she shares the intense passion they shared along with the destructive extremely addictive use of cocaine and marijuana. “She loved that man …” I won’t tell it all here. This interview is a definite must see!

What I will say that my heart clapped as she glowed with honesty sharing her trip to rehab with her beloved daughter at her side. She unequivocally and explicitly expressed her love for the Lord, her daughter and her Mother. Whitney shares how she longed to just live away from the spotlight. Yes, she not so gracefully stepped away momentarily and irresponsibly binged on cocaine. Even tried to step back to be Mrs. Bobby Brown . She admitted this too was a faulty mistake to attempt to live in his shadow. But now Her triumphant escape from Bobby although she still waited for him to …. Whitney’s roots in the Lord go deep. Because of it she has persevered and her FAITH in God has been fortified! She is glowingly unashameably as she testifies to the awesomeness in her transitioning from her detour back to where she belongs! Her God-given gift refined just that much more!

As Oprah and Whitney peered into each others’ eyes you could feel the genuine cohesiveness they emitted in their desire to share transparently their frank, truthful conversation. Remember Whitney Houston ‘s Body Guard record was the biggest selling soundtrack ever, then Waiting to Exhale and Preachers’ Wife? Whitney has matured and she is Better than ever! There is no doubt that Whitney has a God given gift of singing. The title song is a spirit-filled fabulous testimonial rendition! The resilient vibrancy in her soul rings clear with such unmistakable clarity! Her new Project “I LOOK To YOU.” Is dedicated to God who is the source of her strength. It is already No.1 on the charts! Blessings Whitney! Keep looking up!


Unfortunately on February 11th Whitney Houston was found dead at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles on the eve before she was to perform at the Grammy Award’s Ceremony! Currently the cause of her death is unknown… There is no doubt that Ms. Houston was an extremely talented and gifted woman! No doubt she wrestled relentlessly with pain and was noticeably in despair! We must always be prayerful the spiritual warfare is vehement… The enemy lurks and waits for the opportunity to find a weak link or a point of vulnerability to bring the children of God down… May her passing motivate others to be mindful to stay close to the LORD! For we know not when we will draw our last breath! Lord have mercy! She passed away at the tender age of 48 years old! Prayers and Condolences for her Mother, Daughter and Family! She will be missed by many! May she Rest In Peace!

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